Increase small business lending conversions and efficiency

Parlay is an embedded fintech that helps community banks and credit unions get more small businesses approved for loans.


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Parlay is proud to partner with a network of trusted financial institutions, CDFIs, ecosystem partners, and capital providers. 

About: How It Works

Make small business lending a seamless customer experience

Parlay improves the application process for borrowers and delivers unique borrower insights to financial institutions.

Loan application packaging

Help applicants rapidly generate accurate and complete loan requests.

Tailored readiness insights

Maximize loan approval rates using readiness scoring and personalized recommendations.

Efficient underwriting

Monitor applicant readiness and maximize underwriting efficiency using data-driven analytics.


Elevate your loan application experience

Increase your approvals, efficiencies, and loan interest and fee revenue while serving your community.

Loan packet builder

Applicant portal helps small businesses build complete packets in record time.

Applicant scoring

Real-time data feeds and proprietary algorithms score applicant eligibility.

Readiness insights

Unique recommendation engine helps businesses improve their creditworthiness.

Pipeline analytics

Empower loan officers to monitor applicant progress and underwriting eligibility.

Efficient pre-screening

Automatically surface prime, marginal, and ineligible candidate pools.

Applicant drilldowns

Key ratios, industry averages, and loan applicant readiness in real-time.

OutSystems Development

White Labeling

Your Brand, Your Identity

Empower your financial institution to offer a cutting-edge loan origination enhancement tool under your own brand, providing a seamless experience for your users.

OutSystems Development
Extension of your branding and customer experience

Customize our platform to align perfectly with your brand, ensuring a familiar and engaging user journey.

Integration with your digital platform and loan origination system

Seamlessly connect our solution with your systems for a unified and efficient loan processing experience.

Maximize customer loyalty and stickiness

Drive user engagement and loyalty with an intuitive platform that keeps your customers consistently connected.

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